Products & Timelines

Here are the products that we will be creating with a rough timeline and who is taking the lead:

  • IEE Special Issue: Ongoing Section of the Future of EEB publication
  •     – Lonnie & Chris take the lead
        – Stefano has lead article, we all contribute pieces from the meeting
        – Papers solicited soon for October submission?

  • Survey of gaps in eeb publishing with a focus on readiness for the next thing and reputation metrics
  •     – Carol & Amber taking the lead
        – Chris filing IRB
        – Launched in October
        – Carol has army ready to process the data

  • Meeting Poster at ESPI
  •     – Amber and Bruce taking the lead
        – $5K award possible
        – July 20th

  • eeBeta/ecoHere/needsAName: commentpress style preprint/workingpaper/microarticle platform with a stackoverflow reputation system
  •     – Archive of Working Scholarly Products
        – Ed and Cameron taking the lead with Jarrett & Mark in the loop
        – August 25-26 PLoS Hackathon with either Ed or someone like Brian Glanz or Steve
        – Goal is to have a working beta in testing before 2nd NCEAS meeting in January, launch afterwards

Experimental Product: The First Step

What we are going to build as a first step & experiment to test how people respond to different models of scholarly communication? The ‘decision’ based on the comparison matrix for our works-in-progress server:

  • Commentpress style-layout
  • Stackoverflow Style Commentary & Scoring System
  • Authoring Environment
  • Possibly find reviewing features from annotum as well
  • Exploit the XML model from annotum to have semi-structured publications
  • Hopefully connect this to handles with an eye towards DOIs

Lots still open for the future from our grand vision, but this is an excellent first step
We need to establish a timeline now…

Core Elements of Experiment We Want to Create Now

Core piece of an initial system we’re going to try as an experiment followed by a survey

  • EEB is our audience
  • “Products” (works in progress) with commentary
  • System is expandable to multiple product types
  • Commentary and products are associated with users
  • Users provide ratings for products and each others’ comments
  • Revision & versioning part of the system
  • Meta-data for papers to enable discovery
  • Information is able to be exported to a new platform
  • We should have a closed beta first

The Needs we feel this addresses with this

  • works in progress/preprints
  • replicated/null/results/short notes/errata
  • interactive commentary
  • experiment with peer review