The Pillars of “There”

If we are to go from here to there in scholarly publication, what is there? This was the question of the afternoon, and we ended up agreeing on four broad pillars. The details of some of these pillars is up for debate, but, there was general consensus on the Four Pillars of There, as it were.

1) More types of products than a narrative paper
2) Preprints must become part of our culture
    – We talked a lot about fraud/plagarism/quack detection. It could be handled by people, or by crowsourcing quick abuse reporting.
3) Public review
    – What this means was unclear. Anonymity, meta-review, etc. are all up for grabs. Experiments needed.
4) Public reputation for activity
    – A reputation economy of some sort with a number of different associated metrics for reviewing, meta-reviewing, authoring, etc.

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