Core Elements of Experiment We Want to Create Now

Core piece of an initial system we’re going to try as an experiment followed by a survey

  • EEB is our audience
  • “Products” (works in progress) with commentary
  • System is expandable to multiple product types
  • Commentary and products are associated with users
  • Users provide ratings for products and each others’ comments
  • Revision & versioning part of the system
  • Meta-data for papers to enable discovery
  • Information is able to be exported to a new platform
  • We should have a closed beta first

The Needs we feel this addresses with this

  • works in progress/preprints
  • replicated/null/results/short notes/errata
  • interactive commentary
  • experiment with peer review

3 thoughts on “Core Elements of Experiment We Want to Create Now

  1. Having EEB as a focused initial audience is definitely the right approach. But also, since nothing we’re talking about is at all specific to EEB, if successful this thing can naturally extend outward.

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