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What are ways that people can accumulate reputation & credit for participating in the scholarly publishing enterprise? If we start by assuming the open reviewing system of yesterday, what are ways things can be ‘scored’ to give people public reputation?

Products need to accumulate reputation via use and re-use:

  • citations
  • pagerank (2nd and 3rd generation citation) – how are papers that cite a paper themselves then cited to make a paper pagerank
  • altmetrics
  • reader and reviewer opinion
  • Question: can you accumulate negative things?
  • Qualifying all of this by kind of contributions

A lot of this information can be culled from and

These are all evidence of use & re-use, but give different information. We tossed around the idea of creating an aggregate number, but agreed that fine-grained information HAS to be there. What does an aggregated number really mean?

Reviews need some different metrics to be assessed, so that reviewers can be assessed. The must have metrics associated with re-use, reader scores, etc. But also –

  • utility to the author
  • how do they lean on a paper…keep track of rejecty rejecterson
  • reader score – does it weight the review’s use and utility to an author?
  • ‘Badging’ for activity – track quantity

Chris: also maybe something about last 5-paper read, or reading history? But privacy issues abound.
But – other people who read this, also read these…

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  1. Objects accrue reputations too… so higher rated objects are more findable. Enable search and browse using rankings. Front page links to top content, etc.

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