Products & Timelines

Here are the products that we will be creating with a rough timeline and who is taking the lead:

  • IEE Special Issue: Ongoing Section of the Future of EEB publication
  •     – Lonnie & Chris take the lead
        – Stefano has lead article, we all contribute pieces from the meeting
        – Papers solicited soon for October submission?

  • Survey of gaps in eeb publishing with a focus on readiness for the next thing and reputation metrics
  •     – Carol & Amber taking the lead
        – Chris filing IRB
        – Launched in October
        – Carol has army ready to process the data

  • Meeting Poster at ESPI
  •     – Amber and Bruce taking the lead
        – $5K award possible
        – July 20th

  • eeBeta/ecoHere/needsAName: commentpress style preprint/workingpaper/microarticle platform with a stackoverflow reputation system
  •     – Archive of Working Scholarly Products
        – Ed and Cameron taking the lead with Jarrett & Mark in the loop
        – August 25-26 PLoS Hackathon with either Ed or someone like Brian Glanz or Steve
        – Goal is to have a working beta in testing before 2nd NCEAS meeting in January, launch afterwards

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