Database of Pre-print policies

Here is the SHERPA/RoMERO database on journal pre-print and archiving policies. Just enter a journal, and it gives you what their policy is listed as. However, it lists many journals as allowing pre-print archiving which we now see are not allowing it based on comments from their editors or societies (e.g., Ecology Letters or Evolution).

2 thoughts on “Database of Pre-print policies

  1. Journal of ecology allows it. awesome. and Oikos. However, I wonder if this is the same thing we discussed, i.e. do they view a pre-print as an ms that is not submitted yet or as an accepted, online early, type document already linked to their journal? Otherwise, what does it matter what ESA says? If it is not submitted yet and we share something online in any form…then choose to submit to a journal, how is it that they can say no?

    • Well, it’s unclear whether all of the information here is correct. As we’ve seen ESA is already going back on it, and some of these entries are based on publisher information, even if journal specific information says otherwise. I think a lot of it does have to do with how they view pre-prints – which is why a survey of EiC attitudes is going to be key.

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