Elements of the Karma System

What are the elements of a reputation/karma system? What sorts of activities should gain/lose karma, and what abilities should they ‘buy’ in a preprint ecosystem? Here are our notes:

Activities Generating Karma

– adding tags
– suggesting tags
– moderating comments
– moderating tags
– commenting
– voting up a comment
– voting down a comment
– having a comment voted up
– having a comment voted down
– posted a paper
– reviewing a paper
– scores from review: review formula – ratings normalized by review score and maybe reviewer
– voting up a review
– voting down a review
– having a review voted up
– having a review voted down
– author upvotes your review
– author upvotes your comment
– moderating users
– using a social media button

Privileges that Karma Unlocks
– Post a paper (0 Karma)
– Post a comment (0 Karma)
– Post a review (0 Karma)

– Vote up a comment
– Vote up a review

– Vote down a comment
– Vote down a review

– Flag a paper
– Flag a tag
– Flag a comment
– Flag a review
– Flag a user

– Add a tag to someone else’s paper

– Create a tag (starts 3-4 monts in)

– moderation priviledges

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