Starting Ideas for Post-Use Survey of OpenPub

Encourage conversation about the site on the site

Add a feedback email link

What do we want to achieve from a survey?

The purpose/motivation is

1) Increase speed of the scholarly communication process

2) Provide a place for preprints and other works

3) Demonstrate the value of conversation as it relates to scholarly works

4) Demonstrate the value of assigning value to review

5) Demonstrate the value of preprints

General Questions

Did you find all of this useful as an author?

Did you find all of this useful as an reading consumer?

Did you find all of this useful as an actively participating consumer?

Do you now feel more engaged and interested with preprints, conversation, and the review process?

Which of these features are useful?  Which are not? Tear it down to each piece?

What other features would you find useful?

Has this changed you as a participant in the scholarly communications process?

How active are you? As a reader? As a participant? As an author?


Issues to consider

When do we survey people? Email their survey after their account is 6 months old.

Prod people to participate if they haven’t held up their end of the bargain? Don’t show karma until they have done the thing

1 thought on “Starting Ideas for Post-Use Survey of OpenPub

  1. 1. anything about type of articles that could be posted? pre, post, final, gestating ones, etc.?
    2. Is the discussion/annotation appropriately structured?
    3. Perhaps a leading question about future directions for an experiment/project such as this?

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