What are good toplevel categories for an EEB preprint service?

While preprints will be able to have tags assocaited with them (like keywords), we also want some toplevel categories that people can browse generic viagra by. Our initial ‘category’ list is as follows:

population ecology
community ecology
ecosystem ecology
evolutionary ecology
population genetics
conservation biology
animal behaviour

This would be for something like a fine-grained page, perhaps with some of those categories nested within bigger toplevel categories. Picture this like the breakup plos one does. We’d initially populate a list, but then after 2 months of usage, or so, see what tags had come up as new ‘categories’ through sheer commonness of usage.

For initial display on the front page, however, we wanted an even coarser grained list of Toplevel Topics. Here’s the list we ended up with. Picture a front page with 2-3 articles listed from each topic – say, the latest submitted, or hottest, or highest rated in the last week.

Evolutionary Biology
Environmental Sciences
Earth Sciences

This seems sufficient as toplevel topics…but, thoughts?

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