Agenda for Meeting 2

1) Overview of goals (review)
2) Review of progress (everyone be ready to give a 5 minute status update)
3) Mark Talk about ESA meeting
– How can we take advantage of Collins being president
4) Chris talk about the IEE Special Issue
5) Discuss the survey questions and nail it down. Then Chris hits send.


The Eco-Preprint-Commentary Project
– Ed presents what has been done (morning)
– Open discussion on the project

Afternoon, small groups
-designing a post-use survey for the preprint server
– devs continue work based on morning discussion

– plenary bringing survey and devs together, make sure goals are aligned

Afternoon small groups
– devs continue work based on morning discussion
– Strategize roll-out of project and assign roles

– final presentation by developers
– Strategize roll-out and Science Online presentation
– Discuss future administration of project
– Discuss funding of future OpenPub efforts

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