Link economies and reputation economies

I made the point that Jarret’s diagram as it stands at the moment doesn’t include linking, aggregation and the way that is important in supporting discovery as Edward said. Another way of viewing this is through the lens of a “link economy”, by analogy with Page Rank algorithms and this links through to how reputation economies are mediated. Is reputation simply appearing at the top of the relevant list of search results? Is it more granular. The two interact quite closely but I don’t have any simple ways of teasing them apart.

3 thoughts on “Link economies and reputation economies

  1. How do discovery and these publication pipelines relate to discovery? Seems like facilitating discovery is the most important thing we could promote.

  2. I agree. It seems to me that discovery of the right resources lies at the absolute heart of the whole process. If we actually enable the discovery of resources *in practice* then the resources will probably be used and valued.

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