Something very apposite to the discussion of reputation/credit and building a personal brand

This builds on a range of posts and commentary that have happened recently but is getting a lot of activity on twitter at the moment. Some of that interest is obviously circular, people who are on social media like the idea that social media is helping them.

Use of literature – do we take in narratives or grab granules

My talk at UKSG where I talk about how I actually solved a series of research information problems:

Lots of discussion of personal experience but this is necessarily biased. There is a lot of research on how readers actually take in literature, how long they are reading for, and what their purpose has also been, in large part by Carol.

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Question on computational tools in Ecology and related sciences

What are the main tools and computational frameworks used in the Ecological sciences. I have an interest in building “executable papers” and have been looking at iPython Notebook as a toolset that might enable us to do this quickly. Is Python widely used? Are workflow tools useful in this space?

Link economies and reputation economies

I made the point that Jarret’s diagram as it stands at the moment doesn’t include linking, aggregation and the way that is important in supporting discovery as Edward said. Another way of viewing this is through the lens of a “link economy”, by analogy with Page Rank algorithms and this links through to how reputation economies are mediated. Is reputation simply appearing at the top of the relevant list of search results? Is it more granular. The two interact quite closely but I don’t have any simple ways of teasing them apart.