Hello everybody!

Welcome to the Open Publishing in EEB (and other disciplines) blog. This blog will be a place for our working group to collect links to helpful readings, post our own thoughts and ponderings, and generally discuss what we want the future of publishing to look like in Science. We’ll begin with some introductory readings and

Chris and I will post here weekly or more frequently, so keep an eye out – either follow the RSS feed or have new entries emailed to you or do whatever it is you do to keep track of a blog. You are also welcome, nay, encouraged to post here as often as possible.

I’ll start with some introductory readings to get everyone on the same intellectual wavelength, and then next week we’ll begin the discussion in earnest with introductions, etc.

One thing to think about and discuss here. Right now this blog is private and only viewable to the working group members. As we go forward, though, we’d like to begin to open it up. Particularly as we begin posting things in here during the week of the working group, we thought it might be an excellent idea to open this blog up to the broader public for commentary, as the open science community is large and has some great opinions.

So, to discuss a) what do you think about opening the blog later and b) would you be interested in opening it now?

Also, for those new to wordpress, here’s a set of tutorials about how to use it.