Survey for EiCs of Ecological and Evolutionary Journals

Hey, all, here is the survey I’d like to send out to the EiCs of ecological and evolutionary journals listed here (I have a few more to fill in – or fill them in yourselves).

This survey will clarify policies across journals, and the last question will look at attitudes of the EiCs themselves. It’s VERY simple. Carol, if there are things you think I should modify, I’m happy to do so. Let me know, and I’ll send it out in the New Year! This should clarify a lot of confusion.

Survey We Will Conduct

Issues Addressed by Survey

  • Gaps in publishing – desirables, impediments, and what I hate about the current process
  • Metrics of reputation from scholarly publishing
  • Incentives to try something new

This survey will address the ‘readyness’ of the community for a publishing 2.0 solution, and what will help guide people forward as quickly as possible

Survey #2 will be a post-‘experiment’ survey