An idea about a rough do-able now experiment

Area51.stackechange is a site for people to propose nascent mathoverflow-like sites. As a first pass experiment on open review and a reputation economy (while we develop or find a way to develop a more sophisticated model) could we get the community to support an Ecology Preprint stackechange? We could have NCEAS host preprint pdfs from validated authors (i.e., have a ecopreprint.stackechange user account) and an individual ‘question’ would concern people’s comments on a paper.

We’d ask the community to volunteer to post preprints there fore at least, say, 2 months for submission, and given them the option of including their ‘review’ trail, etc. when they submit their paper to a journal.

Users would shape things like tags, etc. as the do on any stackoverflow site.

Granted, ‘review’ would be public, with usernames revealed. But, it’s an experiment.

After running this for ~6 months, we survey participants about their experience.


Comment from Dave: You’d need some journals and high profile people to buy-in before doing this.

Question on computational tools in Ecology and related sciences

What are the main tools and computational frameworks used in the Ecological sciences. I have an interest in building “executable papers” and have been looking at iPython Notebook as a toolset that might enable us to do this quickly. Is Python widely used? Are workflow tools useful in this space?