Introduction: Stephanie Hampton

I’m a freshwater biologist and have gotten involved in many other aspects of science in my role as Deputy Director at NCEAS. I came to NCEAS in 2006 from the Fish & Wildlife faculty at the University of Idaho, where I was much more involved in field research and teaching. These days my aquatic research is mostly focused on analysis and synthesis of existing data (with a little field research coming up soon at Lake Baikal in Siberia), and other types of scientific research also have captured my imagination. For example, I have worked a lot at the interface of ecoinformatics and ecology through projects like DataONE, fueling my interest in open science and data sharing (PDF), and I have dabbled in some sociology of science (PDF) as well.

I’m very happy to have been invited to drop in on this group but may not get a chance to spend much time with you while you’re here! So I’m hoping we’ll be able to interact as time allows during the meeting, or informally at the pub when we all need refreshment after a hard day’s work!